Lake Worth Green Market

Lake Worth Green Market

Open Saturday Year-Round
Hours: 9:00am – 1:00 pm
Directions: 7765 Lyons Rd
Lake Worth, Florida, FL 33467
(Just south of Hypoluxo Rd.)

The Lake Worth Green Market is open year round every Saturday including the Summer.  We strive to make every customer happy and will gladly take all requests to help improve the market.  Lake Worth has a few Farmers Markets but none are located on a farm with fresh eggs and organic produce.

Lake Worth Green Market

Stop by the market between 9:00 am and 1:00pm on Saturday.

The chicken farm has been catering to local customers that want local and seasonal produce and farm fresh free range organic chickens and eggs.  The food is fresh and we have introduced local seafood and baked goods as well.

Lake Worth Green Market Sundries

Baby Chicks

We have many items available for the health conscience consumer and those discerning few that know that the food system offers little real food.  We carry organic unsulphured dried fruits and unpastuerized nuts too.  There is a large selection of organicd home-made pasta from the Catskill Mountains. Also, try our home-baked breads for the best sandwich ingredients.  We cook and we bake and we have home-made jam as well.

Lake Worth Green Market Organic Produce

Lake Worth farmers market

Although the Summer is extremely hot in south Florida, we strive to stay open and support our customers with the best local and seasonal veggies available.  We are grateful for the blessings bestowed upon us and love to share our good fortune with our friends and neighbors.  Stop by and try something new like the local fruits we grow:  Lychees, Longans, Mangoes, Papayas, Sapodillas, Bananas  & Dragonfruits, just to name a few of the fruiting goodies.

We also have many vegetable crops that grow throughout the summer months like Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Peppers, Okra, Kale and more.  Come by and give us a try…you’ll be glad you did!

Lake Worth Green Market Chicken & Eggs

Lake Worth Farmers Market

Customers are finding it best to shop for organic food locally, rather than go to the big box retailers and grocery store chains.  The experience of seeing the fresh eggs, laid right before your eyes, is very exciting.

Customers who are interested in perusing fresh produce from local farmers and traders can consider the Lake Worth Green Market every Saturday. It has been described as an ideal place for all such people who prefer unpackaged food items that are made available directly from the farms. Home made goods are always better than preserved foods.  There are a large variety of items that are meant to meet the demands of a larger demographic.

Lake Worth Green Market Grocery Shopping

buy organic produce at our local farm

We make shopping easy.  Though vegetables, meat, seasonal items and baked goods are available even in retail stores, these are packaged weeks beforehand and are usually frozen to maintain the freshness. It is always better to have freshly picked items and farmer’s markets are some of the better known solutions for the same.

The Lake Worth Green Market is a relatively new entrant that boasts of being located strategically. This allows a larger section of people to peruse the fresh items and purchase them without any hassles. In most of these platforms, the prices are competitive and people can save money as well. Lake Worth Farmers Market is open every Saturday, which makes it ideal for anyone to make the most of the products.

Lake Worth Green Market Cares For The Little Ones

Lake Worth Green Market Baby Chicks

The market opens early, which is convenient concenient to local communities. Many customers stop by during their morning walk or after exercising.  It has garnered the attention of many people in the region as the go to place for local produce.

We are about the food we eat and we care about people.  That’s why we offer organic produce and free range chicken.  Certified organic soy free chicken feed is very expensive and it’s rare to find chickens fed this way – anywhere!

Lake Worth Green Market Veggies

Local organic produce

The website says, “There are many people who love the fresh items available in a farmers market. We have some of the best products being displayed in the Green Market. Apart from vegetables and meat, there are many baked items and delicious food that are included here. Organic vegetables are also a part of this extensive market. The fact that it is open in the summer as well is yet another attraction.”

Stop by the market on Saturday and see the baby chickens.  Kids of all ages will love the attraction farm animals provide.  There is a real down to earth feel about visiting the farm and buying fresh food.  It’s the way nature intended!

Lake Worth Green Market Seafood

lake worth seafood market

Sweet shrimp from the keys is our specialty, but don’t miss out on the seasonal Mahi Mahi or Grouper.  The Red Snapper is also a favorite item because they are scaled and mostly pin bone removed making it an easy fish to cook and a rare delicasy.

Local seafood is hard to find west of the turnpike and once you’ve tried it, you’ll surely return for more.  Our seafood is fresh caught and as local as possible.  Better than that, it doesn’t taste like the store bought fish that has an ammonia or chlorine bleach flavor.

Lake Worth Green Market Grass Fed Beef

Grass fed beef

We have local grass fed ribeye cowboy steaks, beef broth bones, sirloin tips, flat iron steaks and many more select cuts of the healthiest meats you can find to keep your family in tip top shape.

Summer fun is all about good food!  That’s why we only offer the best available meat and produce.  Stop by and give us a try!

This Summer we may introduce home-made organic ice cream too.  There wil be a few varieties and a lactose free variety flavored with coconut and almond  milk that will satisfy all our customer needs.  The kids are gonna love it.

Lake Worth Green Market Is Fun For All!

Lake Worth Chicken Farm

Stop by the farm every Saturday to see what’s new.  We’ll be waitin’ for ya!

USDA organic food

Recent Customer Reviews:

“Loved this place!! We were greeted by the owners. And welcomed us in like family! Mark showed us around and spent the better half of an hr going over what we would need for our coup, what makes the chickens different from each other, and showed us different eggs. And to my wonderful surprise they had fresh jarred honey and honey with the comb (which is hard to find these days!). And did I mention we brought our 2 yr old son who just loved running around the farm and looking at the chickens and veggies!  I would absolutely recommend this place to anyone!! Bring your children, your loved ones! And get some fresh local veggies, honey, or eggs!!”

“I love this place. Every time I come they are expanding – They are truly a hidden gem and an invaluable resource to our community. They have a wide variety of vegetables and really great pasture-raised eggs and chickens, etc. Mike is hard working and honest and has great prices .. I recommend this farm to anyone looking to buy local and organic and fresh !! They also have a community garden”

“I bought some fresh eggs, huge jumbo shrimp, and some organic bok choy.  Made a great stir fry and wanted to come back for more the next day, but they are only open on Saturday.  I will make sure I stock up next time.”

Lake Worth Green Market